Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Poem Entitled "Here I Am" Written by a Dear Sister

Here I am not of my own will, but I was born, I breath & grow.

Here I am, I’ve grown, not of my own will, I’ve seen, I’ve learned. People come & people go, not of their own will; I have seen this, so I questioned, if not their own will, who’s?

I sought, I searched.

Here I am, of my own will, I choose fun & games, feasting & drunkenness.

Here I am, due to my own will, & these things have not filled the empty space within. While I feast & play others continue to come & go, not of their own will, (death) why?

Why do they come, (birth) & where do they go (death)?

Here I am, I’m searching, I’m seeking, I’m stopping & thinking.

Here I am, I’m watching the coming & going, the feasting & playing. I see empty laughter, I’ve heard & told plenty a lie, I’ve been & do see plenty hypocrisy; empty dreams all around, cries & endless complaints, consuming desires without end.

Here I am, not of my own will, still empty within.

So I stop & consider the voice that said, “No, this is wrong!”

Why did I not hearken?

I continued with the multitude to feast & play.

Here I am, I know I went the wrong way!

Here I am, I hunger & thirst, where’s the right way? The way that fills our empty place, The way that gives us peace without end. Is there a way? Can the empty be full?

I just stopped, & questioned with all my heart.

Here I am, the question was heard, & the answer too.

Here I Am, of My own will, I Am the Truth, the Way, & the Life.

So there He was not of my own will, but His own, His life He gave, our iniquity bore.

I died that day, not of my own will; yet anew I am born, & breath & grow.

Here I am, washed & clean, bright & free, now I see & understand, the purpose is clear.

Here I am, I’ve been born to do His will & not my own.

So I sing, & shout & jump, I am so full His way!

Yes, I know, there’s not many who go this way.

Here I am, the multitude is now against me, “come & play” they say.

Here I am, not of my own will; but His grace, it’s sufficient for me, I answer & say, “to feast & to play is no longer for me, you see,

I’ve given my life that I might be rich & full & free.

(PART 2)

Here I am, sought & longed for,

Here I am, of my own will not desiring to be found.

Yet, you search & you seek for that which can not fill.

So I share my joy that you too might be full.

Here I am, by His grace, I live & I breath by faith.

Here I am, each day comes with blessings according to His will.

So I have become a light to the world, that there is a way.

A right way, it can be hard to see with the multitude blocking the view.

Here I am, I see it, crystal clear; today you have a choice.

Here I am, hoping & praying you’d seek the grace. So what keeps you, Why do you tarry? Has the multitude deceived you; are you full of fears & emotional tears?

Here I am of my own will, there’s only One we must fear.

Here I am, with or without you, I must go on. The judgment is sealed, only one way will save. So I serve Him, & seek Him, by His grace with all my heart, mind & soul.

Here I am, knowing His tender mercy & loving kindness, of His own will.

Here I am, obeying His Word, following them that seek after righteousness, of my own will. So we continue in the way that has brought us life & fullness of joy. His Word is true, not all have faith, so they keep their own way; dark & empty without knowledge of Truth.

Here I AM, us in Him, we stand as a light, too bright for their dark ways.

Here I AM, mocked & reviled, yet I revile not again; As His Word says, persecuted & tried I’ve been, but hope I’ve been given that this has its end.

Here I am, hoping in an eternally righteous land.

Here I am, writing to let you know there’s no place I’d rather be. So fret not for me, but consider my ways & the grace I’ve been given. Look not to yourselves or others, but to the One who gives such power.

Here I am, encouraging you in His way.

Here I am, letting you know He must be first in your heart, before me, or any other; it takes a sincere desire to let go & willingness to learn a whole new way; the flesh will put up a fight, but if your spirit is willing…

Here I am, an example to you, it’s not as hard as it seems.

Here I am, I want you to know His grace is available to all, just don’t doubt, trust & believe. His way has been proven, He’s rose from the dead. So you have a choice to listen to them who live dead in their sins, or to the I Am, Yah, Yahveh, Y’shua (God is Salvation) whom death could not conquer.

(PART 3) (10/25/11)

Here I am, a weary, worn pilgrim.

Here I am, through heat & cold, for Y’shua I’ve had to be bold; and the half I’ll leave untold.

Here I am, patience has worked experience, & experience a hope that I am not ashamed of.

Here I am knowing too well the heart of the Psalmist, as he cried out, “Oh that I had wings like a dove!”

Here I am, not of my own will, knowing also very well the rest of the Psalm. For it was not an enemy that reproached me. Evening, morning & at noon have I prayed & cried aloud.

Here I am, for I have learned, to be content in what so ever state; low to the ground or high as the clouds.

Here I am, His faithfulness to me He has proven; in the valley of the shadow of death.

Here I am, not of my own will for man would had swallowed me up, yet His love constrained me to take another breath.

Here I am, still breathing;

Although I am knowing, tomorrow is never promised,

I am not here to live in bliss.

Here I am, fully knowing a work I have to accomplish according to His will.

Here I am willing to fulfill;

All that He asks I must do,

Through thick & thin, through health or with the flu;

His will is for me to live as He lived, to love as He loves.

Here I am, at times it seems my head is below & the waters above;

Yet some how I am still breathing, still loving.

Here I am by His grace alone, I am forgiving,

All that has ever hurt me,

It doesn’t matter.

Who am I? should I be above my Master?

The I Am was hated without a cause, reproach broke His heart,

& that was barely the start,

For there was none to take pity; & for comforters none

Here I am stunned.

Shall I fear, if what was done to Him, is done to me?

Here I am, in Thee,

Do I put my trust: let me never be put to confusion.

Here I am, with my willing mind & earnest prayers He has made an infusion

In which a way to escape has been manifested

Here I am knowing with every temptation He makes a way out; & now I am rested.

Here I am, I have cast my burden upon Him, His Word enlightens my darkness

If I slip, or if I fall,

I will do as the righteous, & rise again to His call.

For He is my all; all I’ve ever needed I’ve found in Him: Husband, Brother, Father, friend,

The I Am is faithful ‘til the End. Amen.

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