Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Worldly shame and beauty in God's eyes

Men and women: You do not need to get breast, buttock, lip or any kind of implants or face lifts for God to love you, to enter into the kingdom of God, to please God or to have any kind of impact on His kingdom. 

In fact, it grieves God that you are killing yourself with the shame, pride and competition that this vain, corrupt and debased world and false church has placed upon you. 

Furthermore, God would have you use your health, time, and resources towards causes that He supports. He doesn't judge your beauty based upon outward appearance. He judges your beauty based upon meekness, kindness, gentleness, charity, humility, faithfulness, self control, peacefulness, patience and upon anything that resembles Christ. 

If you stretch forth your hands to help the orphans, widows, the lost, the hungry, thirsty, naked, lonely, and to others who are afflicted, instead of reaching for your credit card to pay for plastic surgery, implants, and other destructive and selfish inventions that harm you and defraud the helpless poor, then you will be blessed by God and will be worshipping Him in the beauty of His holiness. 

Let go of the world's shame, self glorification and vanities to lay hold of Christ.

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“Reason dictates that persons who are truly noble and who love wisdom will honor and love only what is true. They will refuse to follow traditional viewpoints if those viewpoints are worthless...Instead, a person who genuinely loves truth must choose to do and speak what is true, even if he is threatened with death...I have not come to flatter you by this written petition, nor to impress you by my words. I have come to simply beg that you do not pass judgment until you have made an accurate and thorough investigation. Your investigation must be free of prejudice, hearsay, and any desire to please the superstitious crowds. As for us, we are convinced that you can inflict no lasting evil on us. We can only do it to ourselves by proving to be wicked people. You can kill us—but you cannot harm us.” From Justin Martyr's first apology 150 A.D. Martyred A.D. 160