Friday, January 31, 2020

Prayer Cabin, a spontaneous worship song, by David Valderrama

Well . . . I rarely ever have had time alone for the past several years. Unfortunately, I had become restless for a time, desiring a prayer cabin. A place where I could go away from everything and even from those I love, to spend time alone crying out to God. However, on account of various circumstances it would be untimely to spend money on the material and spend time to build a prayer cabin. I was conflicted because I knew I should be able to attend upon the Lord without distraction, call upon His name in my heart, etc, regardless of where I was, who I was around or what was going on about me. I knew that my heart was restless. I knew that if I did the untimely and unreasonable task of erecting a prayer cabin on the property we have, that I would bring my restlessness into the cabin and all of my toil to build it would be in vain. So the other night I broke, started singing from my heart a new song; I decided to have the phone on to record it, and everyone here appreciated it. So, brother Braden added music and made a video. May the Lord bless those who listen to it.

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